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originally from StoneUpdate – MATERIALS: Quartz Collection – Stone Update Magazine

WILSONART AMERICAS, Temple, Texas, unveils its 2020 Quartz Collection, which celebrates nature-inspired colors and contours while offering a sense of escape.

Every pattern has a story, from the shape of clouds to the urban feel of concrete to vistas and natural wonders, each is designed to take a person’s spirit on a journey while producing a grounding sense of peace and calm.

New colors include:

  • Bodega, whose fine-scale particulate and warm mid-tone grey create a contemporary urban feel;
  • Oberlin, with large-scale black and brown-black particulates evoking Montana’s Mount Oberlin;
  • Galera, a classic black-and-white large-scale terrazzo composition;
  • Karekare, a journey to a black, sandy beach experienced through an extra-large terrazzo design;
  • Trail Ridge, a two-toned grey background with light, short veins throughout;
  • Desert View, a two-toned warm grey background inspired by the Grand Canyon desert;
  • Hanola Grey, a two-toned dark grey with undertones of brown and wishy white veins;
  • Hamoa, a warm grey background with swirling white veins inspired by Hamoa Beach in Maui;
  • Svalbard, a bright white quartz with cool charcoal grey veins inspired by the Northern Lights;
  • Tivoli Grey, the light warm grey and subtle brown-grey veins put in mind an historic town in Italy;
  • Clouds Rest, inspired by low-altitude nimbus clouds, it features a white and grey background with darker grey veining;
  • Traiano, a warm white background with warm charcoal veins;
  • Capogrossi, a warm white background with intersecting veins of charcoals and browns;
  • River Glen recalls imagery of a narrow valley traversed by delicate water features;
  • Madeira Beach, a warm white background with contrasting grey veins recalls a Florida beach, and;
  • Logan Pass, a two-toned grey quartz design with long cool-white veins evokes a feeling of unending beauty.

In a world where change is constant, the 2020 Quartz Collection seeks to provide an invigorating reprieve with its nature-inspired designs that can enhance our physical, mental and emotional connections to our everyday routines.

CONTACT: Wilsonart Americas, 800-433-3222

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