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originally from StoneUpdate – MATERIAL: New Porcelain Colors – Stone Update Magazine

NEOLITH®, Almazora, Spain, announces the addition of four new colors to its new Six-S Collection. They join the previously launched Himalaya Crystal and Layla which were unveiled earlier this summer.

Six-S panels embrace six essential characteristics which underpin Neolith’s 2020 Six-S campaign: solidarity, sanitary, strong, stylish, sensory and sustainability. The new surfaces represent Neolith’s awareness of its global responsibility as a best-practice brand working to make the world a better place.

The new colors are:

  • Abu Dhabi White, which conjures up the sun-drenched landscapes of the Arabian coastline by incorporating soft gold veining and flecks of grey; it is offered in two finishes, Décor Polished or Silk, in ¼” and ½” thicknesses in slabs up to 126” X 64”;
  • Amazonico, which transports observers to the rainforests of South America with its use of dark and mysterious tones giving way to lighter colors; it is offered in Décor Polished or Slate finish in ¼” thickness in 126” X 60” slabs, and:
  • Summer Dala and Winter Dala, the same design produced in two different tones; Winter Dala captures the essence and texture of weathered pine, while Summer Dala evokes a strong sense of freshly cut timber; both are offered in a Silk finish in ¼” and ½” thicknesses in slabs up to 126” X 64”.

All Neolith surfaces are 100% organic and carbon-neutral.

CONTACT: Neolith, +34 964 652 233

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