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Is it really Free ?

YES ! It is totally free to post Ads on the website or from the Android or iOS apps and always will be, for machinery and equipment. (Services ads are subscription based)

Ad duration is 30 days and you can reactivate the Ad if it is deactivated after this time for another 30 days.

You may post as many Free Ads as you like.

Upgrades are available to make your Ad “Featured” for more visibility, or to “Bump” it to most recent if it has been up for a while. Just click on “Packages” when you are logged in to purchase an upgrade.

Ads for services (like templating, installation etc) are subscription based. Purchase the “Sell your services” subscription to allow you to post ads in this category. They will be visible to all public users of the site and the apps, regardless of wether they are members or not


How do I place an Ad ?

You may post as many free ads as you like.

  1. First create an account
  2. Now create your ad and set it to “active”

Thats it !

Your Ad will be checked and approved after a short delay, you will receive an email telling you that the Ad is approved.

You can purchase packages to upgrade or bump your ads

How do I register for an account ?

In order to register, either click the Sign up / Sign in link at the top ….

Or click here

How do see my Dashboard ?

Your dashboard gives you lots of information, as well as your adds you can see your messages and account information here.

You can also edit your profile

If you aren’t signed in, then do so

If you are already signed in, click your profile image or click here

How many Ads can I post ?

You can post as many free ads as you like, there is no limit !

If you wish to upgrade to featured, or bump your Ad to the most recent then you can purchase a package to do just that here

Can I Auction my items ?

You can set fixed, negotiable, price on call, Auction or Free.

If you set the price as Auction, you need to set “BIDDING ON” and set a finish time and date

Where do I see my messages ?

You just need to go to your dashboard to see all conversations .
Click on the “My account” link at the bottom of any page or at the top on your profile image to be taken to your dashboard where you can see all your activity and information.

How do I compare Machinery ?

In order to “Compare Machinery” you will need to be subscribed to the website.

You can subscribe here

Once you are subscribed, go to the Compare Machinery page and select up to 5 machines to compare and then hit “compare”

How do I subscribe ?

You can subscribe to the site for full access to “machinery comparison” or for posting ads selling your services by logging in, then navigating to the “packages” page


Purchase the relevant package and thats it !

How do I sell my service ?

In order to sell your services (like templating, installation, delivery etc) you will need to subscribe.

The “services” category will not be available when posting ads unless you have paid for the subscription “sell your services”

This will allow you to post unlimited standard ads in this category, you can further upgrade to featured or bump them to most recent if required by purchasing the relevant add on.


Sub categories include;

  • Templating
  • Installation
  • Templating & Installation
  • Surveying
  • Consultancy
  • Other

If there is a category you would like added, please Contact Us

I don't see a relevant Category!

There are many categories (and sub categories)


If you don’t see a relevant one and would like us to add it, just reach out to us here Contact Us

How do I get the Mobile App ?

We have an app for Apple and Android devices in the relevant App Store.

The link can be found at the bottom of the page, just click the button !

On a mobile device you will be taken straight to your app store




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